TS&CC Fleet Membership Rules and Responsibilities

1. Do not consume any alcohol or take any drugs that could impair your judgement, drinking/drugs and sailing do not mix. Failure to obey this rule may result in serious injury or death.

2. You are required to make a "Sail Plan" by contacting the Sailing Director at 647 242 4856 before you take a boat out. You must leave a message saying your name and phone number, the day and time you left to go sailing from the club and your expected time of return. Please also sign in and out on the clipboard at the patio. Be sure to always phone back to advise when you have returned to the club so that the Toronto Police Marine Unit is not asked to conduct a search. The "Sail Plan" is absolutely necessary for all fleet members safety every time you sail.

3. Always evaluate the weather conditions before you plan to go sailing, refer to page 98 of your Basic Sailing Skills book to refresh your basic weather knowledge. If the wind forecast strength is approaching or above 16km / 8 knots do not take a Fleet Boat out sailing. Thunderstorms can strike quickly, keep watch for conditions that could result in dangerous sailing conditions, return to shore immediately if conditions begin to deteriorate. The Weather Network forecasts wind conditions for "Toronto Island" on their website and a source for the marine weather forecast is to phone Environment Canada at 416 661 0123. listen on the VHF radio or check their website. .

4. Check the boats condition before you leave the dock. Be sure the shrouds and forestay are in good condition and clevis pins and cotter pins are secure. Inspect all parts of the sailboat for damage and wear. Remember a Wayfarer can be very difficult to right when filled with water, be sure the forward and aft flotation compartments covers are closed and secured.

5. Always wear a life jacket, we recommend a whistle be attached and be sure your boat has a bailer and paddles. Carry a VHF radio or cell phone in a waterproof container and be prepared to contact the Toronto Police Marine Unit at 911 if you or your crew are in danger.

6. Sail within one mile of the club in Humber Bay only, be sure to be back at the TS&CC dock 30 minutes before sunset, fleet boats are not to be used after sunset.

7. Remember you are responsible for your safety and the safety of your crew, be sure the wind and all other weather conditions are suitable for sailing.

Any Fleet Member who does not abide by the Rules and Responsibilities of the program may have their Fleet Membership canceled without compensation.

Race Results 2010

Dinghy Results 2010
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