Membership Fee Overview

This page outlines the current membership rates.  For more information on the memberships look under Join Us or click on the links below.  

The Club's membership year is from October 1 to September 30.  Anyone requiring only winter storage of boats/trailers is also required to pay the appropriate annual membership fee regardless of whether they intend to be a member in the upcoming sailing season.  Club membership is not pro-rated. HST must be paid on all dues and fees.   

All memberships with the exception of crew require volunteer work hours to be fulfilled by Sept. 30 of each year (20 hours for senior, 8 hours for all others).  Unworked hours are billed at $35/hr.

Introductory Dinghy Membership 

Annual Dues Year 1 - $360

Annual Dues Year 2 - $415

Annual Dues Year 3 - $470

Beyond  - see Senior Membership annual dues (initiation fees will not apply)

Dinghy storage - summer $85 

Dinghy storage - winter $85 

Dinghy trailer summer storage $55 

Senior Membership (Keel Boat or Dinghy on Year 4)

Annual dues $600

(Initiation Fees only apply to Senior Keel Boat Members)

Initiation fee upon application $250 

Second installment, 12 months later $250

Costs associated with your boat (not all will apply)   

Keel Boats

New wet mooring allocation fee - Year 1 $320

New wet mooring allocation fee - Year 2 $320

Annual keelboat wet mooring fee $430

Annual keelboat dry-sail fee $220 

Keelboat winter storage ($1.54 x LOA x BEAM) minimum $150 

Haulout & launch $280

Summer keel boat cradle summer storage $55

Summer keel boat trailer storage is not available

Dinghy storage - summer $85

Dinghy storage - winter $85

Dinghy trailer summer storage $55 

OC6 or Dragonboat Crew (Team) - see the Dragonboat page, or the Outrigger page



$385 per rack, $85 for a second canoe/kayak/outrigger on the same rack

Canoe/Kayak Crew


Sailing Crew


Sailing Racing Crewing



Dinghy sailboats only - $440.  Discounts for the current year's graduates from TS&CC Sailing School can be applied - $100 or $200 discount. 

Keel boats - $1495, or $1200 for anyone who has successfully completed our Keel Boat Courses.  

For Fleet questions contact the Fleet Program Manager.  All other questions, contact the Membership Director.

To apply for membership click on the specific page associated with the membership you are interested in.

At this time payment can only be made by cheque. Please forward payment to the address below. You will be notified once your application is approved.

Contact Us

1391 Lake Shore Blvd West

Toronto ON M6K 3C1

Phone: (647) 242-4856 (enquiries regarding our programs or fleet membership - 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday - Friday)

Clubhouse Phone: (416) 531-0403


Join Us

TS&CC offers membership options to appeal to a wide range of sailors and paddlers. You don't need to own a boat to get on the water! Check out our crew and fleet membership options as well as our very accessible Senior membership.

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